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To revolutionize the crypto space by combining the fun and virality of memecoins with the power and potential of AI. We aim to prove to the world that crypto can be done in a healthy, transparent manner, and that anyone with conviction, a willingness to work hard, and the endurance to weather price actions can change their life through crypto.


To build a vibrant, supportive community where members can leverage AI for creative expression, earn rewards through participation, and enjoy the deflationary benefits of our tokenomics. We strive to demonstrate that crypto projects can maintain integrity and transparency, empowering individuals to achieve financial transformation.


Koala AI is a groundbreaking project that merges the charm of memecoins with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Our mission is to create an engaging, valuable, and sustainable ecosystem that rewards users for their participation and support. The core of this project is our native token, $KOKO, which fuels the platform and brings unique opportunities to our community


Unique AI Image Generation

Koala AI’s platform allows users to generate high-quality, unique images using advanced AI algorithms. This feature sets us apart from other memecoins by providing real utility and entertainment value to our users.

Deflationary Tokenomics

The $KOKO token is designed with deflationary mechanics. When users purchase credits with $KOKO for accessing platform features, these tokens are burned. This reduces the overall supply of $KOKO, potentially increasing the value of the remaining tokens over time.

Staking Rewards

Holders of $KOKO can stake their tokens to earn rewards. This encourages long-term holding and helps stabilize the token’s value. Our community has already locked over $5M in Total Value Locked (TVL), showcasing strong support and belief in the project.

Transparency and Security

The development team behind Koala AI is fully doxxed, ensuring transparency and trust. The liquidity pool (LP) is burned, and the contract is renounced, providing the highest level of security for our investors.

Community and Growth

Koala AI is supported by prominent figures and organizations in the crypto space, enhancing our credibility and visibility. We prioritize community engagement and continuous development to foster growth and long-term success.

AI Integration on

Koala AI extends its utility directly to Users can post a prompt on, and our AI bot will respond with a custom-generated image. This seamless integration makes it easier than ever to create and share unique content, increasing engagement and spreading awareness of Koala AI.


Supply and Distribution

  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000 $KOKO (10 trillion)

  • Deflationary Mechanism

Whenever users purchase credits or access certain platform features with $KOKO, these tokens are burned. This mechanism ensures a decreasing supply over time, which can lead to an increase in token value and benefits long-term holders.


Holders can stake $KOKO to earn rewards, encouraging long-term investment and reducing market volatility. This mechanism aligns the interests of the community with the project’s success and growth.


Q1 2024

  • Project launch and initial token distribution

  • Development of AI image generation platform

Q2 2024

  • Launch of the AI image generation platform

  • Expansion of $KOKO AI on X (X users can create AI images directly on the X platform)

  • Intensification of marketing and community engagement efforts

  • Initial exchange listings on Mexc and Bitget

  • Launch of our social video content

Q3 2024

  • Increasing liquidity pools

  • Staking for $KOKO holders

  • Introduction of new platform features and enhancements

  • Partnerships with prominent figures and organizations in the crypto space

  • Further exchange listings and increased visibility and accessibility

Q4 2024

  • Continuous development and improvement of the platform by adding new features and introducing the Text-to-Video AI.

  • Accepting Web2 payments (GooglePay, ApplePay, Visa...)

  • Expansion and innovative staking and reward opportunities

  • Growing the community and increasing user engagement

 2025:  A New Era for $KOKO AI

Stay tuned for 2025... Koala AI is destined to flood the web 2 and 3, expanding beyond just the crypto sphere and having a significant impact on those various players. This upcoming phase marks a significant milestone in our journey, as we aim to integrate and innovate across various digital landscapes.

Exciting times are ahead for all our Koalas!

Koala AI is more than just a memecoin; it’s a visionary project that combines AI technology with the fun and excitement of the crypto world. With unique features, deflationary tokenomics, and a strong, engaged community, $KOKO is set to make a significant impact in the space. Join us on this journey and be part of a revolution that’s both innovative and rewarding.

For more information and to join our community,
visit our website and follow us on social media:

Website: Koala AI

Twitter: @KoalaAIvip

Telegram: Koala AI Community

Medium: Koala AI Medium

Linktree: Koala AI Linktree

Thank you for your support, and welcome to the Koala AI family!

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